All cleaning is carried out on–site at our shop in Fortune Green Road, Hampstead.

Only the highest quality and safest detergents are used.


Don't sleep on it.

Let Hampstead Dry Cleaners clean it for you whatever size; from Summer Single to Winter Queen Size, we have the machine with the capacity to Clean, Sanitise, and Deodorise it.


Why take your Duvet to a Launderette and try to force it into an undersize machine which will not give it room to move freely, and will therefore not clean it thoroughly. Carlton have invested heavily in a variety of machines that will clean properly the biggest duvets returning them to you cleaned and sanitized. And we can even do that in the same day,  if you bring it in early enough. In a luxury Professional duvet bag and ready for you to put back on your bed.


High Quality Duvets & Rugs Cleaning